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EP20 - MANaging His Ego Part 2: Food

It’s said that all men need is food, sports, and sex. Is this true or is it deeper than that? In this episode, we explore if the way to a man’s heart is really through his belly...because if it is…you ladies have some explaining to do.  

EP19 - MANaging His Ego Part 1: Creating Adventure

“All men need are food, sports, and sex”…I first saw this on a meme shared by a young lady. Though it sounds legit and was liked and shared by this really true or does his needs go deeper? In Part 1 of this three-part series, we are going to look at sports and how that connects to his need for something more meaningful. 

EP18 - When Your Friend Breaks Up With You: Be Real About The Hurt

In this episode, we explore the very real reality of being hurt or “dumped“ by platonic friends. We will come up with tips and strategies on how to move past that hurt while not being defined by it.

EP17 - Relationship Killers: Not Being Equally Yoked

In this episode, we explore a common relationship killer that is often either misunderstood or ignored completely: Not being equally yoked. Let’s discuss.

EP16 - Relationship Killers - Being In Denial About Your Evil

In this episode, we continue addressing relationship killers. Denial is a dangerous, sabotaging thing, but to be on denial about your evil creates formidable obstacles to ANY relationship. Let’s discuss.

EP15 - Relationship Killers: Entitlement

In this episode, we explore common attitudes that threaten healthy relationships. Entitlement ranks close to the top. Join us as we define and diffuse the entitlement issue, and educate ourselves on how to be better for the ones we love.

EP14 - The Art of Forgiveness

Last episode we talked about forgiving yourself. This episode we are focusing on forgiving others. It’s hard, but your evolution demands it. Can’t wait to hear your feedback! And not just about the podcast (though we appreciate that too), but share some of your own experiences. Let’s learn together. 

EP13 - Moving Past Hurting Others: Forgiving Yourself

In this episode, we are exploring self-forgiveness, particularly when we have hurt others.  There is a homework assignment at the end. I’m doing it too! :) Comment your experiences here. Let’s learn together. 

EP12 - Progress in Neglect: Survivor of the Fatherless

In this episode, Lavance Meeks Jr. shares his journey of overcoming abandonment to being an advocate of the abandoned. 

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EP11 - Confidence is Overrated

In this episode we explore just how necessary confidence is in order to complete a goal that you want to achieve.

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